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Don’t spend another season in discomfort. A new HVAC system is within your reach. 

Our financing solutions make getting a new furnace or air conditioning system simple and affordable. A new HVAC system can save you money every single month on your energy bills. New systems are more energy efficient and more comfortable.

The summer heat in Texas can extend well beyond the end of Summer.  On top of that, experts are predicting another frigid winter is coming.  There’s really no reason to be in a dire situation from extreme heat or cold because you’re worried you can’t afford a new system. The reality is this: you can’t afford to be without reliable heating & air conditioning. Your health and the health of your family come first. Our financing options make a new air conditioning system affordable, and with our simple application process, you can get a fantastic new system with low monthly payments. 

Stop spending money every year on higher utility bills from inefficient systems and “crisis repairs”.  Get an affordable new system with our budget-friendly HVAC financing in San Marcos! 

Choose financing with Enerbank

For financing, we’ve partnered with Enerbank. They are America’s leader in home improvement lending. That’s because they specialize in home improvement lending – all of their financing is directed toward home improvement.

You can apply for Enerbank financing on your primary home, rental properties, or even vacation properties. That means you can use Enerbank’s financing options for all of your properties. Your new furnace or air conditioning system will save you money every month on your utility bills, and Enerbank’s financing is incredibly affordable.

Best of all, there’s a very simple application process. Visit our financing page for pre-approval, fill out the short form, and find out if you’re approved, in seconds.

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Benefits of financing over credit cards

When purchasing a furnace or air conditioning system, many of our clients ask whether they should opt for financing or use their credit cards. We recommend financing almost every single time.

The reason for this is simple: financing saves you money. Most credit cards have an APR of 16% or higher. That means that every single year your furnace or air conditioning system is on your credit card, you’re paying 16% interest – and eventually, you’ll end up paying interest on that interest.

We provide much lower interest rates with our simple financing options. That makes financing the most budget-friendly option – you’ll be paying far less interest every year. That makes your new AC, furnace, or heat pump that much more affordable.

Available plans | Promos

Through our partnership with Enerbank, we’re proud to offer some of the lowest interest rates for HVAC financing in San Marcos. Our financing options are simple:

12 months same as cash, and 6.99% APR on a ten year loan.

These financing options provide incredible flexibility. 12 months same as cash means exactly what it sounds like – if you pay off your loan in 12 months, you don’t pay any interest. 

6.99% APR on a ten year loan means you’ll be paying a much lower interest rate than you would on a credit card. It gives you plenty of time to pay off the loan, too – this is one of our most popular financing options because of the low monthly payments and interest rate.

We’re proud of these financing options because they offer a lot of flexibility. If you know you’ll be able to pay off your system in 12 months, our same as cash offer is the best deal you’ll find. And if it might take you a while longer to pay off the system, or if you’re looking to purchase multiple HVAC systems, the flexibility offered by 6.99% APR over 10 years is hard to beat.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply. See Enerbank’s website and talk to us for details.

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If you need a new AC, furnace, or heat pump in San Marcos, call us today. We offer all kinds of different systems, and with our promotional 12 months same as cash financing, you can purchase a new system without paying interest on it. That’s a great deal!

Don’t spend another season in discomfort. Don’t spend another nickel paying to repair your old, inefficient system. Don’t sit there watching your energy bills go up every year.

Call us today. Take us up on our promotional financing deals, and get the HVAC system you and your family deserve. Enjoy San Marcos in comfort – choose the Comfort Crew.